Many products on the market today will tell you that they will cure all your problems in one weekend with little or no effort by you. As adults we all know that our conditions were formed over a long period of time and that there is no quick fix solution. However, there is a new product that you can simply add to your everyday foods that will not change their taste or texture and will assist you in your management program of your diabetes and weight. While A1Control is not a miracle cure it is not hard to use and does not impact on your current lifestyle. If you are interested in a drug free product that naturally supports your efforts to manage your diabetes and weight issues then the following may just be what you have been looking for.

WHAT IS A1Control?

A1Control is a total weight control / lifestyle product that is used in everyday cooking and diet regimes.

All the products contained within A1Control come from nature and we can guarantee that there is no GMO as our products come from Western Australia, a region which is dedicated to being GMO free.

A1Controls ingredients are not made in a laboratory but are a mixture of grains from natures basket, better known as “wholegrains”. Australis Foods have combined the best and most nutritious features from these wholegrains that Mother Nature can offer, for your families dietary health and well being.

By combining the health and dietary benefits of these all natural wholegrains including LKF (Lupin Kernel Flour), you are consuming a product that adds dietary protein and fiber, Omega 3, Folate, Niacin and antioxidants to you daily diet. This unique combination creates a powder that can be added to breakfast cereals, home made bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, stir fry’s, casseroles, sauces, soups, and shakes etc with little change to their flavour or texture.

By using a diverse verity of wholegains in every day food preparation there is less need for special or fad diets. People who include these foods in the normal family food regime often report a reduction in portion intake, improved bowel health and activity and most importantly a reduction in weight gain over time by controlling their desire to snack between meals.

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Each 10.6 oz pack has one months supply and works out at around just 20 cents per meal